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Get Last Segment of URL in JavaScript

JavaScript handles strings and arrays very well. Sometime its needed to get the last segment or file name of the current page URL and process it for another JavaScript/Ajax request. Here, I would like to share a fairly easy way. (more…)

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JSON Overview

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is the light weight data interchange format like XML i.e like the XML it’s also platform independent and its great alternative to XML due to followings: JSON can be parsed easily rather than XML although XML is easier to read due to better hierarchical nature. In the Ajax application as well as in PHP application, JSON is ...

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Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript

The Object Oriented web application can be written by using JavaScript. JavaScript supports inheritance as well as re-usability and encapsulation. Unlike other programming languages (JAVA, C++, PHP etc), JavaScript doesn't contain class statement (no class keyword), is prototype based (instance-based) uses functions as classes. In JavaScript everything is object ...

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