Craft CMS website design & development

I am working over Craft CMS more than a couple of years and have done 50+ websites including small and e-commerce websites. I provide the following services in CraftCMS based website development - Responsive website design & development from scratch using Craft CMS CraftCMS website maintenance and support on good price. E-commerce website development using CraftCommerce Membership and subscription based based development using ...

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Migrating website from one CMS to another

As I am working over web application development since 9+ years. During it, I gained expertise in following CMS's (Content Management System) like - ExpressionEngine Craft CMS Statamic WordPress ProcessWire I have worked on many such projects where it was needed to migrate a website from one CMS to another. Such projects were always challenging for me and expertise in these CMS's makes successful migrate. I provide such ...

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Migrating IP Board forum to ExpressionEngine Discussion Forum

In the past, I have done some projects of migrating whole IP Board forum to ExpressionEngine Discussion Forum. With the forum migration, its also required to migrate all the members of IP Board forum to ExpressionEngine forum. (more…)

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Migrate website from ExpressionEngine to WordPress

Posted on February 1, 2016

In past days, I have done 10+ sites migration of ExpressionEngine to WordPress with - Migrating old versions 1.7.3 or 2.0+ of ExpressionEngine site to WordPress Migrating ExpressionEngine entries to WordPress posts or pages or custom post type. Migrating ExpressionEngine members to WordPress members Migrating ExpressionEngine assets (images, documents, video etc) to WordPress featured images or attachments. Custom theme development ...

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ExpressionEngine 3.0.0 with discussion forum

Posted on October 15, 2015

ExpressionEngine 3.0.0 is released on October 13, 2015. Now Discussion Forum is included within its licence i.e there is no need to purchase Discussion Forum separately which is money saving :).

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Statamic add-on: Email notification on member registration

With the help of this add-on, email notification can be sent to admin as well as user on Member Registration. Following email services can be used: Postmark Mandrill Sendgrid Mailgun Those email services already integrated within Statamic. If no email service provided, email will be sent via PHP simple mailer. (more…)

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CP Edit Entry URL variable in channel entry tag

Posted on October 1, 2014

ExpressionEngine 2.9.0 added new variable {cp_edit_entry_url} to the Channel Entries tag. We can use this native EE tag instead of using third-party add-on like "Edit This" for having the URL of the entry form in the control panel to edit an entry.

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A few useful updates in ExpressionEngine v2.9.0

In the latest version 2.9.0 of ExpressionEngine, I found a few good changes. For those, I struggled earlier. Those might be added much before. Mathematical Operators String Concatenation Operator Comparison Operators

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Template Route Manager: ExpressionEngine 2.8

In ExpressionEngine, most of the time we struggle with creating preferred URLs or URL segments as its been created with the combination of template group name and template name like So, to have preferred URLs, modules like Pages, Structure etc are being used. Now it have been overcome with the newly added feature of "Template Route Manager". In which any template can be routed ...

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Change Password in ExpressionEngine

Posted on February 1, 2014

ExpressionEngine having the core feature of reset password in which a system generated password is being emailed to member but there is no EE tags using which members could set a password of their own. There are a couple of third party add-on which provides Change Password tags. Here is a simple method by using which Change Password can be implemented easily. (more…)

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